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Virtual Radio Frequency

IP based Digital Radio Frequency

Cloud2Space. Radio Frequency Signal Processing made simple. In Software over any Network.

Our solution called Cloud2Space is a product family which comes with a digitizer and network transport service and can be extended by Nodes. Cloud2Space Nodes are plug and play software applications such as baseband processing and high data rate receivers. Through Cloud2Space, Hardware is replaced by Software making operations not only simpler but also more cost efficient and secure.

Real-time streaming

A high throughput full duplex VITA-49 based real-time multicast streaming service with bandwidths up to 325 MHz (more on request). This solution can be used if a dedicated network with guaranteed bandwidth and latency is available. Applications such as IP based video conferencing, telephony or TV are typical use cases as a guaranteed latency and a continuous stream of data is required.

This solution enables
• A goodbye to hardware-based modems and use of digital signal processing.
• Integration into a largescale distributed system driven by software able to process the radio frequency data anywhere. The data can even be stored for post/offline processing or evidence reasons.
• Much lower costs due to the higher level of automation and software utilization.

Secure Long-Haul Network Transport

If no secure or reliable network is available, we digitize the radio frequency signal and transport it over any network to a user defined destination point where it can be processed and analyzed.
In contrast to the real-time solution this service encapsulates the radio frequency into an encrypted TCP/IP based data stream with self-adapting network and data processing buffers ensuring no packet loss and a fast reconstruction of the RF signal.
Typical use cases for such applications are for example:
• Satellite data acquisition (data transfers)
• RF Signal Intelligence applications (remote monitoring and logging of the spectrum)
• Support of Electronic Warfare (channel monitoring and spread spectrums)

Obviously this solution comes with the same benefits as the real-time streaming except that the focus is to transport the data over an unsecure and possibly unreliable network.