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Space Transformation

Be ahead of your competition

During the last years, several commercial satellite constellations have launched and started providing extremely innovative space-based services with the opportunity to provide completely new insights about our planet, our environment, and the way we are connected with each other.

For example, remote sensing satellites allow us to monitor Earth around the clock, 365 days a year. Communication satellites can provide extremely high internet bandwidths at any place in the world or provide IoT based communications with ultra-low power consumption to even reach the most remote places without terrestrial connectivity or electricity.

We support our customers to transform their business and make use of these completely new type of services and integrate them into existing infrastructures and solutions. By working close with the satellite operators, we provide only solutions and services with sufficient maturity to keep up with your production system at any time.

Consulting and Advisory

Our team has extensive experience and can help you to make the right decisions. This can be for example:
• Technical studies and trade-off assessments,
• Determine the best space based product for you,
• Perform market research studies,
• Finding locations and managing infrastructure projects,
• Business administration support for non-Swedish companies


Through our partnerships with satellite constellation operators we connect you directly to satellites flying over your assets. Pick between or combine traditional telecommunications satellites for broadcasting, internet of things (IoT) satellites for sporadic ultra low power transmissions, or integrate high throughput low earth orbiting (LEO) satellites to extend and improve the quality of service of terrestrial networks.

For example: Via our partners and customers such as the European Space Agency and European Broadcasting Union we converge satellite broadcasting with 5G networks to utilize bandwidth more efficient and lower the terrestrial network backhaul. A win-win for everyone.