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Green Space Data Repository

Big Data = Environmental Care

The ideal solution for government based earth observation programs or satellite constellation operators which require maximum flexibility, performance and security. Together with our partner EcoDataCenter, we offer an enterprise graded data storage solution for exabyte-scale and extreme performance applications. The ISO certified data storage solution is based upon the Dell EMC ECS Enterprise Object Storage platform which we can directly connect to a ground station or link it to data pickup point in the cloud.

Arctic Space can provide you with the required software services and tailored interface integration to ingest, retrieve, manage, and ensure data preservation 24/7 and 365 days per year. Depending on your requirements, geographically diverse backup and data replica solutions can be provided to protect your data against worst case scenarios. Highly scalable network solutions such as 10 Gbps ISP networks, dark fiber or wavelength systems are available to distribute and deliver data at high speeds.

The European Green Deal

We are aligning our operations with the European Green Deal to present solutions with net-zero greenhouse gas emissions. However, by reusing the generated heat by servers for district heating and wood pellets generation our solution is even better! Storing data with us will mitigate potential 1,3 tons of CO2 per petabyte per storage-month!

We can already proudly present that we are in the process of archiving and cataloguing Copernicus Satellite Data from the European Union's Earth Observation Programme.

Satellites in space do not generate greenhouse gases, so aren’t we and make climate research and Earth Observation more than sustainable than ever before.