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Arctic Space Technologies

Don't let the sky be the limit. Don't let high emissions or a lack of efficiency hold you down. Welcome to the new space era. Welcome to the Arctic.

Arctic Space Technologies

As the new space era is entering the world market, new needs and demands follow. While digitalization is an important part of human development, it is also crucial to decrease the emissions of greenhouse gases on this exciting journey towards new technologies. All while security and flexibility are becoming more and more paramount for businesses relying of Big Data.

Arctic Space Technologies is revolutionizing the way we handle space data. CO2-emissions, long latency times and data bottlenecks are all threats to the commercialisation of the space business.

The Lita site in Northern Sweden

Renewable energy sources, green data centers, advanced infrastructure and amazing nature are just a few of the many great assets provided by the polar region.

The Lita site is located at 65 degrees latitude with a current capacity of 10 antenna systems. The site is directly adjecent to EcoDataCenter, one of the world’s safest data centers. The snow covered lands and bright auroras dancing in the sky makes this the perfect place for hosting satellite antenna systems.

Being a commercial entity engaging with a range of global customers and partners really show how much potential there is in northern Scandinavia to be a game changer in the business.
Benjamin Fischer CEO

“Vi är på väg in i en ny rymdera”

Listen to COO and co-founder Sandra Nilsson talking about the journey with Arctic Space. Observe that the podcast is only available in Swedish.